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- All New Gallery Landing Soon -
Meanwhile, we're still open while we plot, build and gather.
Please visit often as plans become reality.

Change is beautiful.

Welcome to Modifica.

My name is Leigh and Modifica is my work of heart.


There's no doubt that art, whether your make it or simply enjoy it, changes you. In my gallery, customers experience the change of living an art-full life. I connect them with Colorado artists and other artisans as well as host an array of art classes. Why? Because change is beautiful.

Thank you for visiting. The art gallery and all its offerings will be online soon. In the meantime, please come visit my new change.

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This is Modifica.

We're a groovy art space on Grand Junction’s Main Street where artists exhibit, hopeful artists learn new skills, and shoppers find the perfect gift each time they step into the store or shop online. Modifica means change, and that's what we do. All the time.

Modifica staff believe creativity is king and there’s nothing small about our business. We’re always asking ‘why stop there?’ with every undertaking, and wish to affect positive change in our community through art education, giving back, and thoughtfully purchasing and consuming.


Here, all are welcome, because it’s never too late to try art, and appreciating art is a lifelong love. We value not only our time and knowledge, but the lessons we learn from others. We believe kindness cures all. We are recyclers, upcyclers, doers, thrifters, crafters, creators, and art lovers. Welcome.






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